Melissa Mccarthy, Amy Schumer debut movies at SXSW

Comedy seems to be the dominant genre at this year’s SXSW Film festival with the premieres of Melissa McCarthy’s and Amy Schumer’s latest movies. 


McCarthy’s latest movie, “Spy,” will be premiering Sunday at 9 p.m. The movie follows McCarthy as a deskbound CIA agent, who replaces another agent (Jude Law) in the field. She is sent on a mission with rogue partner (Jason Statham) to enter the weapons trade where she meets a mysterious weapons dealer (Rose Byrne).

Paul Fieg directs “Spy.” Fieg, McCarthy and Byrne have worked together before on the hilarious hit “Bridesmaids.” Expect “Spy” to be a non-stop romp.

“Spy” opens everywhere June 5.


Even though it’s a work in progress, “Trainwreck” is being shown at SXSW Sunday at 5:30. This shows the strength of the movie and the high expectations the film has.

This is comedian Amy Schumer’s first movie. It follows Schumer’s life as journalist who does not believe in monogamy. 

However, when she interviews a sports doctor (Bill Hader) her idea of an uninhibited life is challenged.

Comedy director Judd Apatow directs “Trainwreck.” Like previous Apatow outings, this should be a fun movie. However, the addition of Schumer almost guarantees that laughter will not stop.

Catch “Trainwreck” in theaters everywhere July 17.

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