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Rashad White, a sophomore photocommunications major, is a self-taught photographer and videographer from San Antonio.

In 2010, while still in high school, he branded himself as RashadWhiteOfficial and has been faithful to his brand ever since.

He’s known primarily for his photography, but little know that videography is his real passion.

“Videos were my first love. The only reason why I do photography is because it’s easier” said White.

White said that it takes longer to create, produce video content, find willing actors/actresses, and finally film than it does to plan and coordinate a photo shoot.

“I like to do a little bit of everything,” said White.

And everything is right. His website, freshsince95.com, doubles as his online portfolio of past projects such as photos, videos, sports highlights, short films, music videos and skits.

And there’s plenty of room for more. His most recent undertaking is an athlete showcase for St. Edward’s University’s student athletes.

As a freshman, he knew immediately that this project would happen. But rather than dive in unknowingly, he took time to establish himself on campus, improve his skills, and meet student athletes. White has always considered himself a “big sports fanatic.” It’s only natural that his passions and interests collide.

“The whole athlete showcase thing was two years in the making,” said White.

The players he highlighted come from all divisions of sports: basketball, soccer, tennis, softball, baseball–both men and women. White considers the athlete showcase as an opportunity to put his talent to use and simultaneously help students at the university.

“St. Edward’s could do much better when it comes to promoting sports. Usually, with the exception of the Battle of the Saints’ posters every few weeks, you really don’t see anything about athletes,” said White.

The videos bring more attention to the games while also introducing the athletes, presenting them as both athletes and students.

So far, Rashad has three profiles out: Michel-Steve Aoudou from men’s soccer; Frankie Mgbolu from men’s basketball; and Kathleen Brisbane from women’s basketball.

With two more years to go at St. Edward’s, Rashad’s momentum is only increasing. His hope is to keep the profiles coming by covering every category of sports on campus and producing as many student athletes as possible.

The Athlete Showcase can be found on Rashad’s website, freshsince95.com or on his YouTube channel at RashadWhiteOfficial.