Residential Programming Board hosts inaugural Winter Formal

The St. Edward’s University Winter Formal was a success despite some students’ disappointment over the lack of variety of snacks.

Over 200 students attended the semi-formal dance sponsored by the Residential Programming Board on Jan. 30. The event was free of charge to students.

Some students were disappointed over the snack options. Snacks included cups of Chex Mix, frosted cookies and a miniature candy bar. 

In the weeks preceding the Winter Formal, RPB advertised that there would be free refreshments.

In the future some students said they would prefer heartier hors d’oeuvres such as party sandwiches.

A photo station was avaible for students to take as many photos as they wished. 

“We had a professional photographer taking pictures with a beautiful, hand-made backdrop with professional lighting around it,” said Jacob Rogers, executive vice president of RPB.

A Facebook page was created to publicize the event and to gather song requests for the DJ, Casual T, to play at the dance. 

Despite the Facebook music request page, not all were thrilled with the music.

“There was too much rap and I can’t dance to rap,”  freshman Lauren Doughty said.

For those not interested in dancing, there were booths set up by REPs including pin the carrot-nose on the snowman; a table to receive temporary metallic tattoo designs; and an opportunity to “Write a Letter to a Brother” for Valentine’s Day.

RPB plans to take students’ concerns into account in the future.

“We will certainly take all suggestions into consideration for our future events,” Rogers said.