Computer science student mastermind behind chalk murals



If you spend some time in the Munday Library, you might be familiar with this student artist’s work.

Kevin Krang, a junior, Computer Science major at St. Edwards University, and hand-lettering artist, is responsible for some of the elaborate designs that have been seen on the large chalkboards in the Munday Library.

Krang is Cambodian and was raised in a very strict and traditional culture. Krang believes that his background has shaped how he approaches his art.

“It has taught me to be very disciplined with anything I do. I love to make art, because it gives me the opportunity to express what I want,” said Krang.

Krang’s most recent muses are chalk murals. After spending a day in the library last summer, Krang noticed that the chalkboard walls were looking empty. One day, he brought back a friend who also loves art and decided to do a small lettering mural. After that, they brought along another friend and practiced some more.

“We marked the wall as ‘The Awesome Wall’ as a joke and it stuck, so we call ourselves ‘The Awesome Wall Artists,’” said Krang.

Krang has worked on a total of seven chalk murals in the library. The murals are time-consuming and require patience and great attention to detail, taking up to eight hours to complete.

“I do it for fun. My goal as an artist is to brighten your day a bit,” said Krang.

Krang has always had a passion for art, and took art all fours years of high school. During this time, he focused primarily on printmaking, the process of putting an image or design on a silk screen, and developed his love for calligraphy and lettering. Through printmaking Krang also makes and sells t-shirts in the summer.

“I think of cool designs or funny sayings and make a design and put it on a t- shirt,” said Krang.

Krang considers a project he worked on for the marketing office of St. Edward’s as his greatest accomplishment as an artist. He helped to promote the marketing campaign #My2015Word that encouraged students to share one word that represents what they want 2015 to be. Krang accomplished this project through social media and a chalk mural that students could write on.

Besides chalk murals and lettering, Krang satisfies his creative knack through cooking. Making dishes that range from hot and sour chicken and shrimp soup to Oreo cheesecake, it is not hard to see that he is not an amateur.

To keep up with Krang’s work, check out his blog,, and Facebook page titled Krangraphy.

“My new love is chalk and I find that it’s not so restricting on how I can let my imagination flow with every line of every letter,” Krang writes through his Facebook page.

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