Spirit animal tattoo honors father among student’s family


Since she lived in Washington and under eighteen, she went to Canada with her family to get tattooed.

Freshman Clara Ewert has two tattoos that represent her family and her love for nature.

Ewert got her first tattoo when she was sixteen. That tattoo is a bear claw on her left shoulder and it honors her father.

“My dad died from brain cancer when I was 17. His spirit animal was a grizzly bear, so everyone in my family got matching tattoos of a bear claw, except for my mom,” Ewert said.

Ewert explained that she wanted to get the tattoo before her dad became sick. Since she lived in Washington and was under 18, she went to Canada with her family to get tattooed.

“We called the place ahead of time and they told us that even though it was legal, they would not usually give someone that young a tattoo. But we told them our story and they agreed to do it,” Ewert said.

Ewert got her second tattoo soon after she turned 18; it is sunrise-sunset design on her foot. She said the placement of the tattoo made it hurt more than her first.

“My second tattoo hurt really bad because it was on the bone,” Ewert said.

Although the tattoo was painful, Ewert said it was worth it. She designed the tattoo herself with help from her artistic friend for the finishing touches.

“I kept drawing the design everyday because I love sunrises and sunsets. When I was younger, I would always watch them,” Ewert said.

She said that the tattoo reminds her of her philosophy.

“My philosophy is taking time to appreciate the beauty in the world. Sunrises and sunsets are beautiful things that only happen twice a day. My tattoo helps me remember what matters, and sunrises and sunsets always make me feel better when I watch them,” Ewert said.

Ewert said that she would like more tattoos in the future, but isn’t sure what she wants.

“I want to add words on my foot, but I don’t know what yet. I also want to get my spirit animal, an eagle, on my arm, but I’m not sure yet,” Ewert said.

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