Brace yourselves, for Winter Formal is coming

If you are in search for something fun to do on campus or in need of an excuse to dress up, go attend the inaugural Winter Formal.

The Winter Formal will take place on Friday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Maloney Room on the third floor of Main Building.

Hosted by the Residential Programming Board (RPB), there will be free refreshments and light hors d’oeuvres as well as a photo booth with an official photographer and a DJ who will be taking song requests.

The recommended attire is semi-formal. 

No tickets are necessary to attend and all students are welcome to attend.

RPB is the organization that hosts events each year like the Halloween Block Party and the Hall Olympics as well as other free events designed to create a fun-spirited, festive campus atmosphere. 

Last year, RPB held a similar Valentine’s Day dance which was attended by over 100 students.

This year’s dance is taking place earlier in the semester as to not interfere with any Homecoming festivity preparations. Last year some people complained about the music. 

“We want to change that,” RPB Executive Director Melissa Wilde said.

This year there is a Facebook event page where students can post music requests they would like the DJ to play up until four days before the dance.

Residence Life funds events like this year’s Winter Formal. The Winter Formal is not limited to students living on campus. 

“If students want to bring friends who are even from different schools, it’s fine,” Wilde said. “We want people to really enjoy it and not feel limited.”

Each residence hall’s REPs group is also in charge of coordinating a fun activity booth. 

Last year’s event “Writing a Valentine for a Brother” in which students wrote letters to the Holy Cross Brothers will be making a comeback at this year.

Additionally, the lighting company who decorated the halls for the Halloween Block Party was asked to decorate the Maloney Room for the special occasion.

“Students should attend because these are some of the most memorable times of freshman year,” East Hall Residence Advisor Ana Avalos said.

Another upcoming RPB event includes a Mardi Gras Luncheon fundraiser. Tickets for this fundraiser will be sold in advance at the Winter Formal.

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