Texas Renaissance Festival brings people together for fall celebrations


The festival welcomes people of all ages to celebrate medieval times.

Staff Writer

The Texas Renaissance Festival starts early October and concludes at the end of November. Once the festival begins, it continues every weekend until the end of November. The festival is held in Todd Mission, Texas.

The festival welcomes people of all ages to celebrate medieval times. At the festival, there are multiple live performers each day. These performers participate in different events, such as jousting. The performers are always in character and interact with the audience. This makes the shows funny and entertaining, but not just for kids. The majority of these shows include settle adult humor that leave the older attendees chuckling.

The festival also has different rides and shops. Attendees can do anything from walking through a haunted house to riding an elephant. The shops feature many renaissance themed items like corsets and swords. Yet, there are also strange and unique shops that sell items like wind chimes made out of kitchen utensils or furniture made out of wood.

The festival also features a large variety of food. Attendees can find food anywhere in the festival, and the type of food is everything from funnel cakes to fried alligators.

The festival is a magical experience, especially for kids and people that have never been before. The overwhelming feeling of authenticity and joy hits you as soon as you walk in. There’s so much to do and see as the day begins. For kids, it’s a place where they can ride rides and gaze at swords or fairy wings. For adults, it’s a fun and entertaining place where they can eat junk food and laugh at the performers.

Either way, the festival is a great way to enjoy the fall and relive medieval times. If you love renaissance time periods or just enjoy dressing up, I highly recommend you go for a day.

To find out more about the festival, go to: texrenfest.com

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