Spoon has smooth, setlist but boring

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The Honda stage was one of the biggest stages at Austin City Limits, so naturally Spoon had a pretty large crowd. They played with intensity that thrived throughout the entire performance. It was obvious that they loved being on stage and playing for an audience. The lead singer, Britt Daniel, often knelt down on the ground, belting out their lyrics and danced on stage a few times.

Yet, the crowd was still for the majority of the time. Only a few people actually sang along, and besides subtle movements and clapping every song or two, many people thought the set was “boring.”

One person from the crowd stated, “Spoon has been out forever, so they were probably just trying to get all their songs in, but they didn’t interact with the crowd at all, and since their music is so mellow, it was kind of boring.”

Many people that attended the performance also said that they were there to get a good spot for Calvin Harris, since he was playing on the same stage an hour after Spoon ended. This made Spoon’s crowd seem almost like an illusion. It would be interesting to see what the turnout would be like if they had played at a smaller stage or had someone else that was not as popular playing after them.

Even though Spoon’s setlist seemed slow, the calming music and indie rock vibe from the band was a nice twist on some of the faster-paced artists that dominated ACL. It was nice to see a band just play their songs and enjoy being there without adding any extra special effects. The whole set also seemed to fit in nicely with the sun setting in the background and the cooler weather as people prepared for Zedd, Calvin Harris, or Pearl Jam.

Spoon could have interacted more with the crowd, but their set sailed smoothly for people that are fans of them or their genre of music. If you don’t like slower paced, alternative music then maybe just check them out for a song or two. But if you love bands like Belle & Sebastian, Spoon is definitely worth sticking around for.

Watch Spoon perform Sunday on the Honda stage at 6:00 p.m.

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