The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere: Better than every episode from season 4 combined


Even though the season premiere answered questions, it set up a new scenario and possibly new characters.

“The Walking Dead” is definitely one of the most watched and anticipated shows on television and season five recently premiered on AMC.

Fans could not wait for this premiere, especially since season 4 could be considered the series’ worst season by far.

On Sunday night, fans were happy to see that the premiere for season five delivered a gory, intense, and emotional episode.

“I thought it was a lot better than season four, since that season was primarily build up and filler,” Freshman Alexis Abesamis said.

Yet, even though the episode had more gore than all of last season combined, some viewers still felt it lacked suspense.

“I really liked the episode, and I thought it was a good opener for this season, but I felt like it could have been a lot scarier.” Sophomore Julia Clements said.

It may have not been that scary to some, but the episode had more zombie action than the audience has seen in a long time. Plus, (spoiler alert!) the writers of the show did a wonderful job at toying with the audience’s emotions by horrid moments (how could someone threaten to kill a baby?), and character reunions that made viewers tear up.

Even though the episode answered questions, it set up a new scenario and possibly new characters. “Terminus” always seemed too good to be true, and this episode definitely proved that. However, the creepy “then” and “now” scenes at the beginning and the end of the episode left viewers curious. “Terminus” seems like it will be a big topic this season, and there are rumors that the ringleader of “Terminus” is being listed as a main cast member (for this season only?).

The episode gave a great build up to this season by satisfying the audience’s needs that were not met last season, and by leaving the audience asking questions that will hopefully be answered this season. But the real question is: Can this season continue to bring out the emotion and gore it portrayed in the first episode? Or will it fall flat like season four?