Students encouraged to carry IDs as safety protocol

St. Edward’s University’s Recreation and Convocation Center (RCC) and University Federal Credit Union (UFCU) Alumni Gym are two buildings on campus that have policies which require students to swipe their student ID cards to enter.

According to Andy Lemons, director of campus recreation, these policies are in place for safety measure and are not a new protocol.

“Various instances of property theft, personal security and facility damage caused us to determine that the RCC and the UFCU Alumni Gym have spaces which need more security protocol in place,” Lemons said. “We have high risk management issues related to our fitness and recreational spaces, and as stalwarts of student safety we decided this policy was necessary to secure our students, faculty, staff and facility safety.”

Further, classes taught inside these buildings – like kinesiology – differ from traditional classes; something that anyone who teaches in these buildings are quick to confirm.

“I teach in the RCC and occasionally a student will be late because they had to run back to their room or car to get their ID. But students know the rules and generally don’t forget their ID again,” Kristy Ballard, assistant professor of kinesiology, said. “Unlike a classroom where a student or faculty member typically keeps their belongings close by, the active nature of the gym generally makes close supervision of one’s items more difficult to do.”

Students and faculty can access all administrative and academic buildings without their ID until 10 p.m. Students who have science labs in the John Brooks Williams North building need their IDs every time they enter the specific classroom, but not the building itself. In the Munday library, students always need their ID to check out materials and to access certain services after 11 p.m.

“Students need their IDs to access their residence halls, the RCC and UFCU Alumni Gym, and the 24 hour computer labs,” Rebekah Nagy, associate director of auxiliary services, said. “Some of the computer labs have an external door (that requires swiping), but if the lab is housed inside a building, the students will have to swipe their card to access that building after hours.”

According to the Hilltopper ID Card Office, beyond being a key and a form of identification, a student’s ID can be used to purchase food at dining halls and vending machines around campus. Students can also use their ID at the university bookstore, the Quick Dip and select off-campus merchants, such as Cabo Bob’s Burritos. 

If a student loses their ID, they are able to stop by the Hilltopper ID Card Office to see if it has been turned in. If not, they can replace the card for $10. The office is located on the ground floor of Main Building in suite G3.

“Many found cards get turned in, and a student can check to see if we’ve recovered their card.” Nagy said.

Whether or not students needs their ID to attend classes or purchase food, Nagy encourages everyone to keep their ID with them at all times.

“Not only do they allow students to access their residence halls and other campus facilities, but many local businesses give student discounts if you show your ID,” Nagy said. “It is always a good idea to have your SEU ID handy.”

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