New Topper Revealed at Hillfest

News Editor

This year’s annual Hillfest celebration saw rides, live music, shirts and fireworks. The excitement didn’t stop there, however, as after 15 years, the night was here. It was time for the St. Edward’s University Athletic Department to unveil the new Topper.

“We are thrilled to unveil a ‘refreshed’ Topper that is demonstrative of the pride, resilience and strength we believe personifies St. Edward’s and the Hilltoppers,” Athletic Director Debbie Taylor said. “The new identity is more representative of our nationally recognized athletic programs and I believe will better resonate with our students and the campus community.”

The new Topper has been designed by a local designer here in Austin and features the iconic goat mascot in a new light. A new font reading the words ‘Fear The Goat’ has also been used, and the new Topper hopes to embrace a competitive nature and pride for the athletic program as well as for the St. Edward’s community.

“I think the new logo presents Topper as more aggressive. It’s a modern, clear, and more inviting to an athletic experience. Overall, it’s a refreshing change,” Senior Damion Laverne said.

Logan Lawrence, St. Edward’s sports information director, said Topper was last redesigned in 2005. In Oct. 2013, the redesigning process began with help from the athletic department, coaches, student athletes and marketing office. From results gained from surveys, focus groups and faculty members around campus, the new, improved Topper was created.

“The old Topper, while charming and friendly, was a bit cartoonish. The new logo will definitely be a hit for years to come,” Laverne said.

For the 15 years that Topper represented St. Edward’s and when the athletic department became part of NCAA Division II, across all sports it led us to produce 55 conference titles, 61 All-Americans, as well as allowing us to advance to the NCAA Tournament 70 times.

Student athlete and men’s soccer player, Daniel Riley, believes the new Topper will only continue to bring success to the Hilltop.

“I’m confident the new look will only make teams that play here fear the goat even more,” Riley said.

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