Topper Tats: More is more for inked freshman

Annie Timar is a freshman here at St. Edward’s and has something that sets her apart from the rest: she has not one but nineteen tattoos.

July 2013 was when she got her first tattoo; the day after her eighteenth birthday.

Her first tattoo was a matching tattoo she got with a boyfriend that says “I love you” in his handwriting across her wrist. Unfortunately it didn’t work out due to long distance, but she says she has no regrets as the two are still close and the tattoo inspired the rest of her collection.

Her tattoos don’t have a complete overwhelming significance, but rather serve as a means of expressing herself. Timar thinks of them as art that she will have the rest of her life.

“I waste a lot of money on tattoos, but you can spend a lot of money on something that will be temporary […] At least when you spend money on a tattoo you know you’ll have it forever,” Timar says.

She hopes that soon tattoos will be seen as beautiful pieces of art work instead of having a negative connotation. She wants to beat the standard and work in a professional setting, even with visible tattoos.

Tattoos are considered a passion of hers because she gets them so frequently; she even admitted to researching more tattoo ideas while getting a tattoo.

Timar says that they don’t hurt as much as one would think and that it’s worth it in the end because you have this awesome addition to yourself.

Right now most of her tattoos are on her left arm, and she has a vision to keep that arm with all black and white art and start adding colored tattoos to her left arm with images from some of her favorite novels.

Not only does Timar have rad tattoos, but she’s also a pretty rad person. If you ever see her on campus, don’t be afraid to stop and ask about her tats, because she’d love to share with you.

She recommends James Rhodes at Platinum Ink off Burnett Rd. He has done every single one of her pieces and Timar said he does a phenomenal job.

Next time you see Timar around, you can probably bet that she will have a new one!

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