COPENHAGEN: Easter break


Much was accomplished from my brunch seat. I had an exceptional spot for people and dog watching. 

I spent last week showing my dad all over the city, but he left Thursday. We had a fun and exhausting time, but when he left I wasn’t totally sure what to do for the rest of the weekend while my friends were gone traveling.

All I knew is that I needed to go to the grocery store and possibly make a public appearance on Sunday.

After I dropped my dad off at the airport I took the train to my beloved grocery store in the shopping mall to quickly grab some food. The whole mall was closed.

I knew that the kids were out of school and that many adults were off work, but I didn’t think it would be as extreme as closing the grocery stores on Thursday, Friday, Sunday, and Monday!

I was told that ten years ago things were closed on Saturday as well, but everyone went crazy without being able to buy groceries! I feel the pain.

I was and still am puzzled about this holiday here. Although Denmark’s official religion is Lutheran, more than 80% of Danes are secular. They really do not celebrate Easter; it’s simply a spring holiday for them.

Many people leave the city to visit family or their summer homes. I might add that a Danish celebration of a holiday is not complete without a big meal and shocking amounts of alcohol with friends and family.

Teens even have “nonfirmation” parties. Yes, a non-confirmation party. It’s an excuse to get together for a hyggeligt (cozy) time even if there isn’t necessarily something to celebrate as no one is getting confirmed. To me, nonconfirmation parties seem like second birthdays. 

Although everything was closed, it was really nice to not have to deal with the ridiculous advertisements and commercial practices that come along with Easter in the United States. After all, why do we dye eggs and eat the heads off of chocolate Easter bunnies?

The nice weather and spring holiday aspect made me want to do something memorable in Copenhagen. Naturally, I dressed in a casual spring outfit, went to a brunch buffet, and sat outside for 7 hours with good company.

I want to say this was the best Easter holiday, but I cannot say I really remember other Easters, including last year’s.

I remember making the respectable decision to go to a Chinese buffet, but looking back at my tweets it seems I also spent long amounts of time inside watching Downton Abbey.

I realize I just used a religious holiday as an excuse for a nice get together. Am I Danish?