ANGERS: An Early Farewell to France/What I Think I’ll Miss About Angers


These bright yellow flowers might only be weeds, but they cover acres of land and were everywhere in Normandy.

With the semester winding down into its last few weeks, it only seems fitting that I begin to savor my last experiences in this country before I can no longer say that I live here.

With two week long trips to London, Amsterdam and Barcelona coming up, I am finding myself relishing every last day I get in Angers. This city that seemed so foreign to me when I first arrived now seems as familiar as the back of my hand. That being said, I find it appropriate to list out what I will miss the most about my new home, Angers.

Coffee vending machines.

I don’t even drink coffee in the United States, but because it is such a big part of the daily diet here, I find it strange to get through an entire day without visiting one of these magical caffine dispensers. Only 50 cents and the press of a button will give me a cappuccino in less than ten seconds? Oui, s’il vous plait…


Although flowers do exist everywhere, they are especially beautiful in France. Angers is nicknamed the “Ville des fleurs” (city of flowers). This is due to its abundance of colorful roses, tulips, orchids, chrysanthemums, and daffodils. My favorite type of flower that I’ve seen yet, however, looks like a mixture between a cherry blossom and a star. They grow all over the place and I feel like they belong in Disneyland. The plant life here definitely makes up for the gray weather, and I’m going to miss walking out of my apartment building to sweet smelling pastel petals blanketing the ground.

High quality Italian food

French food can get a little, well, tiresome. I enjoy the croque madams and onion soups but after a while all the crème friache and bread gets a little nauseating. Luckily, with Italy being right next-door, you can find pizzerias and Italian restaurants on almost every corner. All of the Italian food that I’ve had here in France is just as good as the real stuff in Italy…and I’ll definitely be missing it when I get back to Texas. My favorite restaurant in Angers is a pizzeria located on a boat on the river. It has the best lasagna I’ve ever had and I get sad knowing I won’t be able to go there next semester.


Need I say more? France is the master of all things sweet, which is why I’ve developed such a sweet tooth being here. I didn’t even like tiramisu before coming here, but now it’s my favorite. Thanks again, France.

I will also miss walking everywhere, the fact that there’s a merry-go-round in just about every single town center I’ve been to, wine-tasting field trips, and all the new friends I’ve made. I’ve really enjoyed these last few months, and I can’t wait to make the most of the final weeks that I’m here.