Spring break, ‘Obamacare,’ aliens and Snowden


The title is an attention grabber, but what could this article possibly be about? The best answer to that question is it is an attempt to put to rest any doubts of the writer’s ability. The doubts come from the big wigs at Fool’s Gold and are mostly warranted. However, if there is one thing that should not be doubted about this writer, it is that he most certainly can merge spring break and “Obamacare.” It is not about quality, but more that I have the ability to merge two seemingly unrelated topics.

Austin, Texas hosted a number of artists and bands this past week, President Obama was asked what it feels like to be the last black president of the United States and Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, continued his efforts to re-establish the Soviet Union regime through democracy. Also, Fool’s Gold favorite Edward Snowden streamed his views on corrupt government from a country that is nothing short of the gold standard for corruption. What do all of those things have in common other than occurring during spring break? Maybe it has to do something with Kevin Bacon, but none of us have the time to string together the relation.

For Hilltoppers, spring break is a special week-long hangover. Regardless, it is a very cherished time that ends with the realization that not only is the semester not finished, but also professors expected students to be doing school work during that week. Instead, you probably boozed away your time. Time is a cruel mistress. So before any of our readers are caught off guard by time’s unyielding ways again, let Fool’s Gold warn you of some fast-approaching deadlines.

First and least important is the enrollment deadline for Obamacare; as in, when the deadline happens, the aliens that the Democratic Party hired to enforce enrollment will be unleashed on humankind. Actually, just unleashed on Americans; hopefully those extra-terrestrials can distinguish between Americans and illegal immigrants (no need to get non-citizens involved). Second and much more important is the deadline to file taxes. It is more important, not because this writer is thoroughly against Obamacare, not that he is, but because after a brutal alcohol-filled week, the best thing to do is tackle the obligation as a citizen that most people understand. Think about it this way: most of us know that taxes can be explained to us by a Google search, but I bet the bit about aliens enforcing Obamacare, which is written into the Affordable Care Act, was news to most of you. Actually, given that logic, maybe making sure you are insured in some way or another is more important, just to avoid any surprises written into the law. All of sudden I am unable to remember where I was going with any of this.

Did I prove my ability to merge spring break and “Obamacare?” Probably not, but it should be noted that the opinions and facts presented are completely representative of the views and opinions of Fool’s Gold and its affiliates.

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