SXSW Interactive Review: “Inside Late Night”


The even consisted mainly of questions from the audience

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During his presentation at SXSW Interactive, “Late Night’s” Seth Meyers told his fans what they have all been wondering: yes, Stefon will appear on his talk show. 
“As a married couple, he’s just happy with the hours. He sees more of me,” Meyers joked about his fictional husband from his days as head anchor of “Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update. 
At the time of his talk, Meyers had only been the host of “Late Night” for two weeks, taking the place of Jimmy Fallon who moved on to host “The Tonight Show.”
Meyers was joined by his “Late Night” producer, Mike Shoemaker, and the talk was moderated by actress Olivia Munn. 
The first section of the show included questions from Munn but the audience was able to ask many questions by the end. 
Meyers considers his new show a “work-in-progress” and hopes that it is fun enough to keep you awake until that late. 
The “SNL” alumn admitted that he dislikes actually being in sketches and prefers to write them. 
“I always look like me wearing a wig,” he said. “I look like a guy who just found a wig.”
In fact, of all the job titles he has claimed, Meyers said he primarily identifies as a writer. He believes that even if he didn’t get his start on SNL, which he worked on for 12 1/2 years, he would be writing for another television show. 
Throughout his experience at SNL, Meyers learned that “perfection is a crazy idea but what’s important is improvement.”
For now, Meyers isn’t thinking about the future past Monday night’s show. He doesn’t know what he will do after. 
“I can’t imagine this is a job that gets boring,” he said.