‘Lion King’ inspired tattoo represents staying true

Tattoos are often text or characters that have an easily understood story or meaning. However, some are images or symbols that can be abstract but are in no way less meaningful. There are some tattoos that combine both modes of expression to create something extremely personal.

On March 1, freshman Amberlynn Wilson got her first tattoo on her right wrist at Platinum Ink as a birthday present to herself that combines both text and imagery. The tattoo is an image of Baby Simba drawn by Rafiki from Walt Disney’s “The Lion King.” On top of Baby Simba is a quote from The Lion King, “Never forget who you are.”

The simple, standard black and white tattoo carries much meaning for Wilson, who said that the quote “not only means don’t change yourself for others. It also means that you can’t change your past. You just have to accept it and move on. Sure you make mistakes, but it’s for the best.”

Wilson went on to say that she can empathize with Simba because even though he left his home, he eventually returned and faced his mistakes and became a great leader. She hopes to eventually “become something great too once I face my past and problems.”

The tattoo also serves as a reminder to Wilson to stay true to herself.

“There is no use trying to change your personality to suit the needs of others; you are who you are. It is okay to be you,” Wilson said.

While this is Wilson’s first tattoo, she said it is definitely not her last. She plans to eventually get matching tattoos with her sister. Wilson also said that she plans on having her rook pierced whenever she feels daring again.

Wilson hopes that if in the future she begins to stray from this ideology the tattoo will be there to remind her to never forget who she is.