Refrain from panicking as the semester kicks into overdrive

As you may have realized, classes have officially kicked in. Everyone knows that college is hard and that classes will require much time, but they do not tell you that real class will not begin until the second month of the semester. Just when you thought, “I thought this class was going to be the hardest, but it turns out he just talks the whole time,” the professor hands over instructions for the next big paper/project. You stuff it in your backpack, pretending that the experience was only some nightmare. The class is only lectures. The class is only lectures.

Your professor kindly shows you the syllabus and laughs as he/she tells you that the paper is due next week. “It was in the syllabus this whole time. Did you not read it?” the professor asks. I appreciate your question, professor, but we both know that I in fact did not read it. That is why I came to your office hours, tear streaks down to my collar bones.

You never thought you would actually have something due. The time has arrived, but you must not be afraid. Do not wallow in despair when a paper has to be a minimum of eight pages. Do not fret and go into hiding when you actually have to go to Capstone class to turn in Submission 2. This is not the time.

As the deadline approaches for your next big assignment, your instinct will be to go under your bed with a large pizza and hope that you remembered to lock the door. Do not do it, though! You came to college to get an education (or meet your mate), so get the most out of it. The next big assignment is a chance to show you are cut out for all of this mess.

Put on electronic music, get some Italian dark roast and Flamin’ Hot Munchies, and get it going. Wait, that is the most disgusting concoction ever. Do not do that. We are not in Ibiza.

Good luck on your next assignment, and remember to never have too much pride to seek help. It is all around.

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