Alumna is second biggest winner on Price is Right


For St. Edward’s University Alumna Cassidy Schiltz, the price was exactly right on Oct. 14. After graduating in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in theatrical performance, Schiltz moved to Los Angeles in January and, on a whim, got tickets to attend the game show The Price is Right with a group of friends. After having the experience of a lifetime, Schiltz became the second biggest winner in the history of the show, winning a grand total of $140,236.07 in cash and prizes.  

Q: Have you always been a fan of the show?

A: Yes, huge fan! I grew up watching The Price is Right with my two older brothers and little sister when Bob Barker was host. It was always fun watching the show together because we would all get so excited and scream the answers at the television screen. We used to race downstairs in the mornings to watch the show.

Q: What did it feel like when they called your name to “come on down?”

A: At first I didn’t know my name had been called! It was so loud and we were sitting in the back, and then Jackie was screaming and pushing me towards the aisle. I kept on thinking, “Oh my gosh, this is it, this is it!” It was exhilarating. Everyone was giving me high fives and then I hugged one of the other contestants. It was unbelievable that my childhood dream was coming true!

Q: Describe your experience playing the game “Half Off.”

A: Playing Half-Off was such a thrill. Every time the boxes disappeared I became more excited and more nervous. All I could think was, “Don’t screw this up, you got this, just play the game. They want you to win.”  When I realized that I would have to lift the top of the box off, my nerves really took over. It was a 50/50 chance and I really wanted to win! When I saw the money fall out of the box, I couldn’t control my overwhelming excitement. It was like an out of body experience. Drew Carey and The Price is Right model, Rachel Reynolds, kept on saying, “You won! You won!” After I got myself up from the floor I decided to throw the money up in the air, because, why not?

Q: What was your strategy at the big wheel?

A: At the big wheel I wanted to grab the highest handle and use all of my body weight to pull it down. I thought the more times it spun, the higher probability I would have of winning. The wheel is so heavy I almost fell backwards. When I spun the second time, I thought I was done playing and wasn’t going to the showcase. The odds were not in my favor, so it was such a surprising moment when I completed my score to a whole $1.00. Another childhood dream come true.

Q: What all was included in your showcase?

A: In my showcase I won a BMW, which I was able to upgrade at the dealership,  $2,000 in massages for a year, and a 3 day trip from Los Angeles to San Diego, by limo, for me and a guest to stay at a hotel with a spa package.  It was such a luxurious showcase!

Q: What are you planning to do with your winnings?

A: Well, first I’m going to pay off all the taxes. I drive a great car right now, but since my little sister, Rebecca, has never had a car of her own, I am giving her mine. After I pay off the federal and state taxes, I want to invest my winnings so it can generate more money. I won’t quit my day job either; that is just silly. I just want to use this money to live a normal life without any financial worries.

Q: What was it like to meet Drew Carey?

A: Drew Carey is such a kind man. He held my hand at times and helped keep me grounded. I might have just floated off into space with all my excitement! He has so much fun with all the contestants and he wants everybody to win! During the commercial breaks, he would do some jokes and interact with the audience. During the break right after Half-Off, he kept on talking to me and asking me where I was from and what I was feeling and all I could was laugh and shake my hands in the air.

Q: How does it feel to be the 2nd biggest winner in the history of the show?

A: It feels surreal, still. Now I have good icebreakers, and something really cool to add to that game, 2 truths and a lie. My friends make sure to introduce me as “Cassidy Schiltz, the 2nd highest winner in The Price is Right history.” But it’s certainly not the first thing I tell people, at least right now. I got so much attention, on my social media accounts and in real life. It was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that my face was next to the President and the Pope on the Yahoo and MSN home pages!

Q: How have people responded to you since your experience on the show?  

A: Many people told me that I brought happiness to America that day, which I think is incredibly flattering. It’s wonderful that I could bring that much joy to people, some of whom I have never met before. Friends have told me that this couldn’t of happened to a more deserving person and it’s those kinds of comments that really warm my heart.