LIPGLOSS: All hail the day date


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I don’t really know when dating became associated with night. I mean, I’m okay with it. There’s definitely a certain romantic aspect to the typical “evening out,” and I guess staring into someone’s eyes is easier when it isn’t blindingly hot and sunny.

Dates in broad daylight, though, are underrated. Night dates are easy to plan and relatively “safe” (because who doesn’t like eating). But day dates, when done right, can be completely awesome.

For one thing, day dates open up so many different possibilities. At night, you’ve got pretty limited options: dinner, a movie, dinner and a movie, maybe a concert … and that’s about it. These can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but that’s a pretty narrow slice of the dating possibilities pie.

However, there’s so much more to do during the day. You can go on a picnic! Go hiking or kayaking or any of those other things that make you look outdoorsy! You could even take a day trip to San Antonio and remember the Alamo together, but only if you already feel comfortable being in a car with your date for an extended period of time.

You can go to museums (if you’re both into it), the library (if you’re both into it), or check out the random cultural festivals that seem to happen every other day in Austin. There are also my two all-time favorite kinds of attractions: aquariums and zoos. Both open during the day, both majestic and adorable and completely date-worthy. There is nothing more romantic than otters holding hands. Nothing.

Besides all the expanded possibilities, though, day dates can be really good tests for a new relationship. You know, to help you decide how well you and the other person get along outside the typical “date night” setting. The first few dates with someone often turn into a kind of forced “Getting to Know You” lecture, where each person reveals a selective history designed to make the other person intrigued or impressed or whatever.

But day dates are inherently lower-key than their evening counterparts, and give you a chance to just … chill. You get to know the person by a means other than gazing across a candlelit table. To see if they’re into hanging out with you as much as they’re into revealing their life stories and participating in other night-time activities. The day date tells all.