Katie Brown on Beauty: Cream Blush

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Most of the time, I’m probably going through a “product kick.” By this I mean that over the duration of a couple months or so, I’m kind of addicted to trying out every kind and brand and color of that product. It happened with foundation, concealers, and lipsticks. Next on the list? Cream blush.

As of late, I’ve just really been into them. Like, really. When I bought my first one, my entire blush world got turned upside down. I’ve come to really prefer cream over powder because of the finish; it goes on glowy, natural, and healthy. Although I’m (unfortunately) not an owner of too many cream blushes—I’m sure that will change soon—the ones I do own have managed to bring me over to the creamy side.

YSL Créme de Blush in 2 Powdery Rose: This lovely blush has my favorite texture of the bunch, as it’s super velvety and blend-able. It also smells fresh like cucumbers, making it that much more divine to put on. This is also a good everyday shade and I like it for winter because it makes my cheeks have that deeply revered winter flush.

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Something Special: This was my second cream blush buy that has received much of my love (note the giant thumb imprint in above pic). This is a great everyday shade and goes with just about every sort of makeup look, giving that perfect, natural pop of color my cheeks usually lack. Honestly, the only reason I stopped using this cream blush was because of some new purchases …

Le Blush Créme de Chanel in Affinite: Ahhh, where to begin. This is currently my go-to blush for the sheer yet build-able bright pink flush for my cheeks. Although it looks slightly terrifying in the package, it doesn’t go on nearly as strong with a light touch. A little goes a long way with this one. What a beauty.

NYX Orange: This was actually my first cream blush purchase, and it’s pretty darn good quality for such a budget buy (I got this at Ulta for around $5). The texture is less creamy and more opaque than others, but that’s probably a good thing, lest my heavy touch gives me orange cheeks. I wore this a lot in the summer but, as the cold weather has rolled around, I’ve stashed most of my oranges to the side.

I’d love to know about your cream blush escapades! What are some of your faves?