Katie Brown on Beauty: Nail Polish

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There are few things I love more than nail polish.

In fact, I’ve been into the whole nail thing for as long as I can remember. In elementary school, I was the girl who wore fake French manicure nails that I put on myself, dried glue oozing from the sides. This was also around the same time I had my Legally Blonde VHS playing on repeat in my room for about a year.

I was also that girl that got my nails done when my nails were too small to paint, making the nail ladies mad. Whenever I got $20 and had successfully begged my mom to take me to a nail salon, you could be sure I had no regrets about my perfectly done pedicure.

I am still that girl that’s usually late for one reason: I’m painting my nails. After years of nail painting practice, I can now say that I pride myself in the expertise of nail painting––the only art form in which I can, for the most part, paint inside the lines. There’s just a feeling of nakedness when I have bare nails, and I love that additional pop nail colors can give any outfit.

While I love the occasional “out there” nail polish such as a hot pink or glitter, I tend to stick to the solid neutrals and darker colors. So when fall finally rolls around, I love all of the seasonal nail polishes that hit the stands.

Here are some nail polishes that I have my eye on to dress up my nails this fall.

O.P.I in Passion – Nude is always great for the nails. I’m usually not one to go for the nude nail as much because I like a dramatic nail, but a good nude is definitely necessary to keep on hand when I’m feeling like I want a little less than usual on the nails.  

L’Oreal After Hours  – This is a more recent purchase of mine, and I’ve wanted to try this line of nail polishes for a while now. When I tried it on my nails, I was presently surprised with the color payoff and staying power. It stayed on my nails for about 3 days without a single chip! Also, this color is so beautiful and I’m loving navy for nails recently.  

Urban Outfitters in Nude 4 – I usually tend to stay away from gray nail polishes for some reason. But as of lately, I’ve wanted to take a stab at the gray nail trend. I found this nail polish I purchased from Urban Outfitters a while back stashed at the bottom of my nail polish box, and I’m really excited to give this a go soon. (unfortunately I couldn’t find the exact one that I purchased, but they currently have a similar shade here)

Maybelline Color Show in Bold Gold – I’m a sucker for anything gold, and that includes nails. Metallic nails is a trend this fall, and these Color Show nail polishes are great because they are cheap and come in a wide range of colors––perfect for taking a chance on some new, interesting colors.

O.P.I Color So Hot it Berns – Ah, the classic red nail. Whenever I see someone with red nails, it always gives me a feeling of nostalgia––and then I immediately move it to the top of my list of next manicure colors. Red is always acceptable when the cooler months roll around, and I think that this one from O.P.I is just the right shade.