ACL Review: Typhoon


The 11-member band from Portland makes their ACL debut.


Typhoon is still making their way into the music scene, as was indicative of the smaller crowd gathered around the Honda Stage on Sunday morning, but this Portland-originated, 11-member band is worthy of everyone’s ACL schedule.

With a symphonic brew that blends indie rock and a mélange of instruments (ukulele, violins, hand claps, horns, to name a few), they are bound to cater to your music palate. As their first ACL appearance, the visibly giddy band focused primarily on performing their newly-released album “White Lighter,” which is arguably their best material to date. Opening with the seemingly mellow “Artificial Light,” their pacing for the song seemed to be predictable. However, to assume any of Typhoon’s songs remained static would be a mistake.

Part of this band’s stand-out factor lies in their ability to shift the tone multiple times within one song. Serene hums from the violins and female vocalists abruptly turned to clamors from the drums and horns, all in melodious harmony. Front man Kyle Morton’s swoon-worthy singing and poetic songwriting abilities captured the crowd, as his personal questionings of mortality, beauty and everything in between spun a story telling of his battles with health ailments. The 45-minute set continued in order of the album’s track listing, with excitement from the audience as they played their more popular “Young Fathers” and “Hunger and Thirst.” The only song they performed off of another album was “Summer Home,” which was noticeably somber in contrast to the rest of the songs.

Overall, Typhoon’s first ACL performance was a success. Their captivating sound and upbeat energy is inspiring, to say the least, and will have you grasping for each calculated moment of sheer perfection.