LIPGLOSS Goes Out: Buzzmill

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I am a big advocate for the coffee date. Not because I like staring into each other’s eyes and talking about deep world views, but because I just really like being cozy and drinking coffee.

Also, coffee dates are inherently better than movie dates because you don’t have to be quiet for 2 hours. Also, it’s cheap. Also, you’re sitting down the whole time, so your feet don’t get tired, so you can wear whatever cute shoes you want without fear of regret. I could go on.

But a few months ago, I had fallen into a kind of coffee rut in South Austin. I found myself settling for one of the two Starbucks near where I lived, or a too-crowded independent shop, or Jo’s on campus.

Enter Buzzmill: a lumberjack-themed 24-hour coffee shop off East Riverside.

The date:

It’s the perfect place to relax with your flannel-clad significant other as the temperatures approach what constitutes as “chilly” in Austin. You could go there after a show at Emo’s East and talk about how awesome your mutually-awesome tastes in music are. Or you could go there to listen to even more music––there’s a sizable patio in the back with a stage for live performances.

Even if you choose to sit inside, though, the date will still be cute and romantic and great. It smells nice, looks nice, and is trying just the right amount to be quirky. It’s off the beaten path, but not too much so––the floors are clean, the bathroom doors lock, and (big selling point) there’s a parking lot!

Also, it’s never been crowded inside when I’ve been there, so that saves you and your date the moment of “Oh, I guess we’ll just … wait for a spot to open up … holding our scalding coffees … standing here by the cashier …”

There are a bunch of big wooden tables to lean flirtatiously upon, and even a counter with stools facing a window. You could pretend you’re at a late-night diner in a noir movie, except instead of sassy waitresses, there are skinny guys with big beards behind the counter.

The menu:

It might be a little selective compared to other places (not a lot of fancy latté-type drinks here), but if you’re looking for a spicy chai, a perfectly strong americano, or (if you are of age) some good ol’ cider, it’s got you covered. Oh, and it’s pretty cheap. An americano is $2 and some change. This is a huge plus, considering I’ve been to many indie coffee shops that try to charge me double that. Talk to the hand.

What your clothes smell like after you leave:

This is by far the most important thing to me. Ever left a coffee shop feeling warm and energized and great, but reeking of burnt coffee, unidentified herbs, or (somehow) milk?

Upon returning home, my sweater smelt pleasantly of cedar and espresso. No char, no incense, just wood and coffee. I felt like a true lumberjack. A glamorous, coy lumberjack.

LIPGLOSS rating: 4.5 woodland kisses out of 5