LIPGLOSS on Dating: How to have the cutest ACL weekend ever

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ACL is a musical candy store. There are so many options, and they pretty much all look delicious. But if you go too crazy, and try to experience everything, you might end up vomiting into a port-a-potty.

You have to strategize, especially if you’re going with another person, and especially if that other person is your date. You must take into account both of your respective tastes in music, and balance intense sessions of musical ecstasy with lower-octane acts that allow you to gaze into each other’s eyes and also not get too sweaty.

Here are your best bets for a romantic weekend at ACL:

Fun.: I know, this one’s kind of obvious. If you’re between the ages of 16 and, like, 30, you know of (and probably don’t actively dislike) Fun. It’s great common ground. They’re young, poppy, and sure to draw a high-energy crowd.

Romantic potential: You guys can sway aimlessly to “We Are Young” and pretend it’s a happy song, get a little more jammy with “Some Nights,” then feel all mutually philosophical and deep when they play “Stars.” It’ll be cathartic.

The Cure: Of all the headliners at the festival, The Cure is one of the most prolific and… unique? Gothy? Anyway, they’re interesting and probably a great conversation starter. Talking about all of The Cure’s different phases is a nice segue into sharing stories of your middle school rebellion period. 

Romantic potential: If you’re into it, you can bond over having seen a pretty significant name in rock history. If you’re not into it, you can make fun of them being old and goth, and bond that way. It’s win-win.

Foxygen: One of the less-huge names at ACL; drag your date to this woodsy flower-crown-wearing boy duo and they’ll think you’re really in-the-know and artsy and stuff. Plus, look at that name! Foxy!

Romantic potential: These guys are kind of known for their weird antics and ridiculous energy at live shows, and you and your date can both giggle and cheer and sing along and end up holding hands. 

Or if your chemistry isn’t that great, you can look at Foxygen’s cute faces (they’re pretty cute) and pretend you’re dating them instead.

Arctic Monkeys: No ACL experience would be complete without a hefty dose of indie rock, and the Arctic Monkeys are verified awesome. Plus, I haven’t met anyone who absolutely hates them, so it’s a pretty safe choice if you’re not sure what to pick that will satisfy both your tastes.

Romantic potential: They don’t really play gushy love songs, so that’s good if you don’t feel like professing your undying affections just yet. But they’re great to dance to; you can stomp around in the dirt to “Old Yellow Bricks” and bob your sunburned heads in unison to “Fireside.”

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