Photos Renee Cornue

Getting a tattoo can mean permanently inking yourself with a story, an image, a reminder… it is something that means something to you, or not. Peri Ewin has a tattoo on her left wrist and here is what she said about it, “It is called Vegvisir and is a magical symbol of navigation. The Vegvisir literally means, in Icelandic, ‘guidepost’ and is sometimes colloquially called a Runic or Viking Compass. Vegvisir also can be found in the late 17th century Icelandic manuscript known as the Galdrabok. The symbol would be inscribed in blood on the forehead of the person using the charm so theu will not become lost and find their way, even when the way is not known. I got it because I saw Bjork had it tattoed on her shoulder and I found it very intriguing once researching about it.”