Insiders guide to noteworthy campus study, relaxation spots


Check out these noteworthy spots around campus.

In this map you will find important areas of campus that are not usually noted on the official map of the university. The best study and relaxation spots, along with the best bathrooms and other important information can be found using the guide to the right.

1. Moody Tables

Since St. Edward’s University was without a library for the 2012-2013 school year, the students had to find other quiet and comfortable spots where they could focus on their studies.

This shady spot next to Moody Hall is usually quiet and serene during class time. There are plenty of tables and chairs available for you and your friends to work on homework—be sure to secure a spot on the chair swing before it is taken.

2. Doyle Courtyard

This side of campus is easily the least populated side, which makes for a perfect study spot. The area between Doyle Hall and Premont Hall provides a secluded and peaceful area to work on assignments.

3. Third Floor Ragsdale

The first and second floors of Ragsdale are usually swarming with students during the week, but the third floor is a welcome study spot for when the weather is bad. With numerous comfortable chairs and tables, this floor will come in handy.

4. Main Steps

The steps leading up to the iconic red doors of the Main Building have plenty of space to stretch out and relax in between classes. The adjacent lawn is a popular place for the squirrels and parakeets to frolic.

5. Sorin Oak

St. Edward’s famous oak tree, the Sorin Oak, is even equipped with Wi-Fi. The newly-renovated rest area underneath the branches is one of the most relaxing areas on campus.

6. Garden

The Students for Sustainability have recently created a Garden Coordinator position that focuses on the upkeep of the garden that grows everything from carrots to lavender. The space includes a lawn and picnic bench that allows for rest and relaxation.

The sustainability group holds a monthly workday to maintain the garden.

7, 8, 9. Third Floor Fleck, Third Floor Main, Second Floor Sorin

Of all the bathrooms on campus, these three top the list of the best ones based on cleanliness, seclusion and even a view out the window. These are the ones to head for in a time of need.

10. Bench MMNT

The view of downtown is spectacular from campus, but nowhere is as picturesque as from the bench by the Mary Moody Northen Theatre, MMNT. Located directly by the front door, this bench is perfectly positioned under a tree for a beautiful view.

11. Health and Counseling Center

One of the most valuable resources on campus is the Health and Counseling Center located in Johnson Hall. Most services are free, but there is a small fee for more in-depth services like lab tests. An appointment is required, but you can sometimes make an appointment the day of or the next day.

If you find yourself not being able to keep up with your responsibilities and your well-being is affected, make an appointment at the Counseling Center. The counselors are friendly and knowledgeable about the particular stresses that come with college life.

Furthermore, therapy at the Counseling center is free for students.

Bus Stops

Several bus stops are conveniently located on the campus’ bordering streets, Congress Avenue and Woodward Street. On nights when driving is not an option, for whatever reason, the MetroBus is your friend. At only $1 per ride (or $2 for a day pass), you can get almost anywhere around the city.

With convenient smart phone apps to reference, the routes are relatively easy to follow. The regular buses run until 10 p.m. then special Night Owl buses run less frequently until after 2 a.m.