Hit TV show comes to an end

Five years and four and a half seasons have all led to one gut-wrenching pinnacle in television history: part two of the fifth and final season of “Breaking Bad.” The anguish fans felt after the split season will finally come to an end this summer on August 11 with the season premiere.

The final eight episodes have already been filmed, and no hints have leaked thus far on what is to come. In fact, it is hard to predict on what note the show will even end, especially after last year’s jump-off-the-couch-worthy half-season cliffhanger. But there is no doubt that the last season of “Breaking Bad” will be full of twists and turns, shocks and surprises, as the show wildly barrels down to the last few moments that are certain to end with none other than Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) demise.

If you have yet to catch up (or to watch the series at all), “Breaking Bad” seasons one through four are available on Netflix. Season five, part one will be streaming by the time part two airs on AMC.

“This is the end, my friend,” Cranston said in a video recently posted on the AMC website. “It’s a roller coaster to hell.”