Service group gives back to community

Service group gives back to community

The St. Edward’s Reflect Volunteer, Engage, SERVE,  program offered through St. Edward’s University’s Campus Ministry is an opportunity to meet other Hilltoppers and participate in city-wide service projects.

SERVE primarily focuses on serving the local Austin area through a variety of projects that are held on a weekly basis.  Students work with a group in order to build a bond not only with each other, but with the people they serve.

SERVE has a direct impact on the Austin community. With its primary goal to locally serve and raise awareness of social issues while strengthening the student collaboration connection, this program continues to gain popularity each year.

“I am so grateful that a program such as SERVE is offered at St. Edward’s,” member Valeria Rodriguez said.

“As a freshman, I was able to meet long-lasting friends while doing something fun and productive for our community. It has helped me transition into my life here at St. Ed’s, as well as living in Austin.”

Although the program is at its full capacity for Spring 2013, Program Coordinator Rachel Barmore encourages students to get involved in a short-term service commitment.

“There are two one-day service projects offered this semester for interested students to participate,” Barmore said.

SERVE 1 Day offers the same commitment to justice and community, but on a one-time basis.

The next SERVE 1 Day will be held Saturday, Feb. 23 as a part of the University of Texas’ Project 2013.

Project 2013 allows St. Edward’s and UT students to collaborate in one of the largest and most-recognized service opportunities offered by both institutions.

“There will be over 2,000 volunteers all in one neighborhood, on one day, at a variety of different sites,” Barmore said.

Currently, many volunteer positions remain available for this project. Barmore’s objective is to have at least 100 St. Edward’s students serving at Project 2013.

Furthermore, Barmore highly encourages anyone who may be interested to get involved. Registration for Project 2013, along with other Spring 2013 service opportunities, can be found online at