Hilltop Views’ picks for bringing in the New Year

The countdown for the winter holidays has officially begun. Among these highly anticipated holidays is New Year’s Eve. While many of our students will be heading home over the break, there are still things happening in Austin for those students who plan on spending the first night (or morning) of 2013 right here in the five-one-two. 

1. ANY – Austin’s New Year, which is commonly referred to as ANY, will take place on Auditorium Shores. According to the official website of the city of Austin, ANY will be a family-friendly, alcohol-free celebration filled with art, films and live music all from the local Austin community. ANY begins at 8 p.m. and goes on until its fireworks finale at midnight to ring in the New Year. 

2. Willie Nelson and Friends Family New Year – For country music fans, this New Year’s Eve event is the place to be. Willie Nelson will be performing at Austin City Limits Live on Dec. 30 and 31 to celebrate the New Year. Nelson, who is originally from Texas, will be performing alongside special guests including host Andy Langer to celebrate the beginning of 2013. Woodbridge Sparkling will also sponsor the midnight champagne toast at this event. 

3. 6th St. – Austin’s famous 6th St. will be open on New Year’s Eve for all the 21 and over partygoers who want to welcome the New Year with a few drinks and a lot of company. If you are not excited about the idea of spending midnight in crowded 6th St., you can also search for clubs elsewhere in Austin with special New Year’s celebrations. Rest assured, Austin’s #8 Best Nightlife Scene in the nation, according to U.S. News, will be keeping it especially weird on the last day of the year. Be sure to plan ahead for safe means of transportation in order to keep it safe, too. 

As usual, Austin will not disappoint when it comes to celebrating big. If you are one of those who gets to go home for Christmas break, think about inviting a friend to tag along if you know they will not be able to make it home for the holidays. However, do not be surprised if your friend turns down the offer to stay here and celebrate. Whether you are in Austin for New Year’s Eve by choice or not, there will be numerous things to do that night. After all, what could possibly be bad about spending New Year’s Eve in the eccentric capital of the great state of Texas?