Campus reportedly home to haunts, friendly and frightening

St. Edward’s students often report ghostly visitors on campus. 

St. Edward’s University provides an entirely unique college experience.  While the esteemed traditions, student diversity and picturesque setting all play a role in this, perhaps the most unique thing about being a student at St. Edward’s is the probability of being haunted.

The university is riddled with ghosts, spirits and supernatural beings and it is rare that a student graduates without an encounter of some kind.  Here are the most noteworthy ghouls on campus and where to find them.

Main Building

Legend has it that years ago, there was a brother on campus who would paint landscapes up in the Maloney Room of Main Building.

Every afternoon, he would travel up three stories and gather his painting inspiration from looking out the windows of the Maloney Room.

One day, however, a strong gust of wind blew the poor brother’s canvas out the window.  In a frenzy to grab it, the brother lost his balance and fell out of the window three stories to his death.

It is said that to this day, strange noises will come from Maloney Room at night and that shutters will shake with no logical cause.  This is thought to be the brother revisiting his favorite place on campus.

Holy Cross Hall

Back when St. Edward’s was still a small all-boys school, only brothers taught on campus.

One particular brother was leaving Holy Cross Hall, crossing the street that runs between Main Building and the modern-day soccer fields, very late at night.

As soon as he stepped on the road, however, he was trampled by a horse and carriage and died almost instantly.

Students, faculty and University Police officers claim strange noises are still heard in Holy Cross Hall.  Officers have even claimed to feel a thud on their vehicles when driving in front of the hall on late night patrols of campus.  When they check their vehicles, though, there is nothing on the street and no marks on the car.

Mary Moody Northen Theatre

The Mary Moody Northen Theatre is known for award-winning theatrical productions featuring both student and professional actors.  It is also known for being one of the most haunted places on campus with more ghosts per capita than any other building.

While there are a multitude of spirits in the one building, the most famous belongs to a former Theater student.

Legend has it that after a rough semester and a slew of struggle, one student in the department snuck onto the light grid hanging above the stage and hung himself.

Students today have reported nooses hanging from the grid with no explanation of how they got there.  Some even claim that ropes will fall inexplicably from above and if all is quiet, the creaking of a swinging rope can be heard.

Teresa Hall

Teresa may not be as old as some of the haunted buildings on campus, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in terror.

Teresa is home to the most famous of all St. Edward’s spirits — Danielle. 

Danielle is a young girl of 12 years.  She has long black hair, wears a white dress and has been known to ask the residents of Teresa Hall if they would like to play a game with her.

Danielle is rumored to be the daughter of one of the construction workers that built Teresa.  Although no one is entirely certain what happened to Danielle, many believe she died during the construction of the residence hall.

Danielle has been known to use a variety of mediums to haunt residents of Teresa, including but not limited to audible voices, visions of a small girl, children’s laughter, a heaviness on one’s chest, lights flickering, etc.

The only way to protect oneself from Danielle is to audibly tell her that you do not want to play.