Two former students tie the knot in the chapel

Family and friends gathered on the St. Edward’s University campus to attend the wedding ceremony of Marett Hanes and Steven Stern, both St. Edward’s graduates.

The wedding was held Sept. 1 in Our Lady Queen of Peace Chapel. Hanes and Stern met during Hanes’ freshman year. They were both serving as tour guides for the school.

The beginning of the ceremony featured vocal performances from a variety of singers including Hanes’ younger sister Elliett Hanes. Other vocalists played their part in the entertainment, singing classic musical theatre songs before the bride came out, which paid tribute to Hanes’ theatre background.

As the wedding party proceeded into the chapel, guests were greeted with the familiar school colors of blue and gold adorned on their outfits. Finally, all eyes were on the bride as she entered the chapel and walked closer to her groom. With each step, the grin on her face got even wider. The groom also shed tears as he watched Hanes walk closer towards him.

The wedding ceremony brought in some Catholic traditions. Tears flowed throughout the wedding as Bible scriptures were read. Even the priest could be seen wiping his eyes during parts of the ceremony.

The most emotional part of the wedding came when Hanes and Stern read their hopeful prayers for their married lives. As they read their hopes and dreams, tears flowed easily from the audience and the couple themselves.

Hanes described how people always tell you to marry someone that makes you laugh and she said that with Stern, she knew she would be laughing for the rest of her life.

After Hanes and Stern were pronounced man and wife, the new couple walked out of the chapel and into the rest of their lives. A chorus of “Fantasies Come True” from the musical Avenue Q swelled throughout the chapel.

“Her wedding was like a Disney movie. She is a Disney princess,” said junior Leslie Nix, a friend of the bride.