Transit stages original works and classical adaptations

Staff Writer

All the world, or at least St. Edward’s University, is a stage to the students involved in the Transit Theatre Troupe. This semester the five year-old Troupe will continue performing rarely-produced theatre that involves theater and non-theater students alike.

This year, the Troupe will again facilitate the New Works Festival. The Festival allows students to submit a short play revolving around the Freshman Studies theme: “How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse: Dystopias and Sustainability.”

The submissions will then be reviewed by troupe officers. Auditions are held and students can apply to direct a production, according to Leah Harris, Managing Director of the Transit Theatre Troupe.

“It’s always such a great, creative process to watch completely new work be developed,” Harris said.

Harris also mentioned the upcoming show, “Penelope” by Edna Walsh.

“We have done all sorts of different styles of plays to enrich the minds of students,” Harris said. “[Penelope] is a fun and different kind of style of play that Transit hasn’t produced, so I’m excited for the turnout.”

The play is a modern adaptation of a classical Greek tale. It focuses on the character Penelope as four men vie for her attention in the absence of her husband, who has been occupied for the last 20 years fighting the Trojan War, according to the Collegiate Link event on the Transit Theatre Troupe’s page.

“Penelope” will be performed at 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 22, Sept. 23 and Sept. 30 behind St. Joseph’s Hall and Arts Building, according to the Transit Theatre Troupe’s Collegiate Link page.

The Troupe is a site-specific theatre company and has previously had shows behind the Carriage House and on the Holy Cross Hall lawn as well as various other locations across campus according to Harris.

“It really is up to the director and their vision on where their show best fits. So look around, we’re everywhere,” said Harris.

One Troupe member shared her opinion about the benefits of being part of the troupe.

“It’s a great way to get an opportunity to do theatre,” said sophomore Troupe member Brittany Allyson Peters. “I…like that it’s all student-based, you do really feel like we built this from the ground up.”

Information about the New Works Festival, “Penelope” or other Transit opportunities will be available at the Troupe’s annual Back to School Mixer, which will be held on Thursday, Sept. 13 in Fleck 315 at 5 p.m.