Professor gives talk on apocalypticism

If you’ve ever wanted to see what activities your professors do on campus besides teaching, the Faculty Talks on Scholarly, Creative and Professional Work are an opportunity to learn.

On Nov. 10, Kelley Coblentz-Bautch, a religious studies professor at St. Edward’s University, gave a talk entitled “From Classroom to Conference and Back Again: Studies in Ancient scholars.”

Coblentz-Bautch also mentioned how a reader for students and faculty to read the Apocalyptic texts will soon be available.

Coblentz-Bautch said apocalypticism has widened the scopes of Judaism and Christianity; however, it did not flourish in ancient Judaism.

Coblentz-Bauch also discussed the Book of Revelation and the symbolism found in it, such as the number 666.

“Numbers can be used to communicate some symbolic value,” she said. “Latin, Greek and Hebrew all have number equivalents of together.”