Fun Fun Fun Fest: Kid Dynamite reunites to spread some Fun

A melodic hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Kid Dynamite performed on the Black Stage as a special reunion show, their first in Austin since 1999.

While they might not have been well known to many concert goers, the band drew in a sizeable flock, including actor Ryan Gosling. Singer Jason Shevchuk (who may have the snottiest voice ever heard by human ears) graciously spent most of his time down in front with the audience, offering chances to sing into the mike to random people, which they took gladly.

There wasn’t a mosh pit at this show, per se. Rather, the entire front half of the audience just went crazy, while Kid Dynamite blitzed through their songs, few of which lasted longer than two minutes.

An unexpected surprise for many, Kid Dynamite offered a glimpse into the optimistically crazed times of old school ’90s American punk.