SGA explores on-campus smoking ban

Ariel von Quintus

The St. Edward’s University Student Government Association passed a resolution that would explore whether a smoking ban would be favorable on campus.

The goal of legislative resolution S.R. 104, titled “Exploring Smoking at St. Edward’s University,” is to initiate discussion about smoking on campus. Senator Octavio Sanchez authored the resolution, which was sponsored by Senator Curran Kelley. SGA passed this resolution.

“The official position of SGA on the matter of smoking on our campus is that we are a firm neutral at this point. The role of student government is not to dictate to the student body what we think, but to actually find out by an intense exploratory phase what the student body thinks,” SGA Vice President Ryan Villarreal said. “If we find that the overwhelming majority of students want a no-smoking policy, that’s what student government will throw its weight behind.  If we find that the students want a smoking campus and they’re perfectly fine with how it is, that’s what we will