Perry’s track record falls under scrutiny for nomination

Unless you’ve been living underground, you’ve heard that Gov. Rick Perry has thrown his cowboy hat into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination. When he announced his entry on August 13, it surprised few, considering that a possible president Rick Perry was a long-running topic.

Since his entrance, he has risen to the top of the polls, the golden boy of potential Republican presidential nominees. But is he the best choice for president?

In his political career, Perry has said one thing and done another many times. As a start, to gain support from the Tea Party, he’s begun crusading against federal spending and big government, yet the state debt has more than doubled since Perry first became governor in 2000.

As for Perry’s big government hypocrisy, he passed Texas House Bill 15 earlier this year, which requires women seeking an abortion to get a sonogram one day beforehand.

The bill was placed on a list of non-urgent emergency items, along with sanctuary cities and the voter ID bill.  

Not only was this not an emergency, showing Perry sense of priority during a time when our public schools are collapsing in debt, it goes against Perry’s view on government affecting personal matters, specifially on health care.

If Perry wants a bill that interferes with the relationship between a doctor and patient, isn’t that on the same level as the government getting involved in our health care system?

It doesn’t stop there. After New York’s gay marriage ruling, Perry was asked for his opinion. Surprisingly, this was his response: “That’s New York, and that’s their business. If you believe in the Tenth Amendment, stay out of their g to hell “with a nonstop ticket”, Perry was asked if he agreed with span data-scayt_word=”Hagee” data-scaytid=”8″Hagee/span. Apparently, there was nothing span data-scayt_word=”Hagee” data-scaytid=”9″Hagee/span said that Perry “would take exception span data-scayt_word=”to.”” data-scaytid=”2″>to.” While personal religious belief should not be a factor in his qualifications, Perry’s recent “Response” at Reliant Stadium raised more than a few eyebrows.

The only two serious competitors for the nomination are Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and ex-Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, neither of whom seem like threats to Perry, at least from a Texan perspective.

Bachmann’s numbers have fallen in the polls since Perry entered, and it’s starting to seem like she’s been written off already. Although she and Perry share almost parallel views, she appears like more of a caricature in the media.

Romney constantly changes his mind on many issues, making it hard to tell what exactly he stands for. Perry is much more resolute.

Rick Perry is using the current economic crisis across the nation to sell unbelievable stories to voters who will elect anybody if they think it makes things better. Take a hard look at his track record, and you will see that he isn’t fit for any job, even if he created it himself.