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Three states vote in favor of marriage equality

Hilltop Views Staff

November 13, 2012

The 2012 Presidential Election was a monumental event, resulting in President Barack Obama’s reelection. However, the election also revealed Americans’ changing views on the issue of same-sex marriage. After years of same-sex me...

Exhaustion sets in as election comes to a close

Hilltop Views Staff

November 7, 2012

“I’m tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney,” said 4-year-old Abigael Evans while listening to NPR presidential commentary.The now-viral YouTube video, aptly titled “I’m Tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney,” already has more than 1 m...

Candidates ignore issue of climate change

October 30, 2012

Election season is coming to an end, and informed voters are going to the polls with several hot-button issues in mind. But one issue in particular has been suspiciously absent from both major candidates’ campaigns. This ele...

Twitter should champion free speech whenever it is possible

October 23, 2012

Early this year, Twitter unveiled a device and policy that finds and removes offensive content from its site if a foreign government requests it. Last Thursday, Twitter used this device for the first time, blocking the German neo-N...

Multicultural Leadership Board postpones perplexing event

Staff Editorial

October 16, 2012

Last week, flyers for an event called “Eggs on the Neg’s” perplexed the St. Edward’s community. “Egg’s on the Neg’s” was a St. Edward’s University Multicultural Leadership Board (MLB) sponsored event that wa...

Our View: Voters can become informed with fact-checking

October 9, 2012

Fact checking has exposed erroneous facts in statements made by both candidates during the presidential debate. The first of three debates leading up to the presidential nomination took place in Denver last Thursday. In the a...

Our View: Student newspaper encourages civil discourse

Hilltop Views Staff

October 2, 2012

Recently, Hilltop Views published several articles that garnered criticism from readers. As journalists, we expect and encourage discussion over the content we publish, especially when this content is published in our “Viewpoints...

Library frustrations will seem minor in the long run

Staff Editorial

September 25, 2012

Students returning to campus this semester have faced a rude awakening. Many of  the routines students have developed during their time at St. Edward’s University have been disrupted. Students cannot park where they used to...

Bomb scare at UT raises questions of campus safety

Hilltop Views Staff

September 18, 2012

Imagine every St. Edward's University student standing on the sidewalks of South Congress Avenue, waiting for the all-clear from administrators and police to re-enter campus after a bomb threat. Such a scene may be hard to imagine, b...

Recurring network outages cause frustrations

September 10, 2012

On Sept. 5, computer labs around campus were dark and deserted. Students and staff alike struggled to go about their daily routines because they rely on access to Wi-Fi and online resources. The campus was in a state of confusion. As early as Aug. 29, server complications slowed down the St. Edward’s network. What started as a technical hiccup quickly turned into a campus-wide crisis, culminating in server outages on Sept. 5, which began around 8 a.m. and were not fully resolved until 7 p.m., according the St. Edward’s Computer Help Desk’s Twitter. During this time, services like Blackboard, EdWeb, Edshare and Zimbra were unavailable. Additionally, students, faculty and staff experienced difficulty even connecting to the Internet. But the Sept. 5 outages were not the end of the computer problems on campus. Zimbra and Blackboard were down again on Sept. 7 for a short period. The Computer Help Desk maintains a Twitter feed in addition to a newsfeed on their “Think” page on the St. Edward’s website. These feeds are intended to give students updates on the status of the campus computer network, especially during computer crises. Unfortunately, for those relying on the campus internet, these updates were unreachable. The recent service outages have illuminated just how much students and faculty at St. Edward’s rely on services like Zimbra, Blackboard and Edweb. Students and faculty also rely heavily on the campus Wi-Fi. When these computer services are unavailable, tasks that were once effortless become frustrating. It is fair to say that we have become extremely dependent on our campus network. It is a facet of our education that we have come to expect. When our expectations are not met, education can no longer run smoothly. When Zimbra is unavailable, it becomes difficult for students to contact professors or each other. Important correspondence may not happen on time because e-mail is unavailable. Talking in person may seem like an obvious solution, but finding a professor at a moment’s notice does not seem feasible when students are used to the immediacy of the Internet. Many students do not keep hard copies of syllabi for their classes, so they might forget the location or time of a professor’s office hours without Blackboard or the directory on the university’s website. Moreover, St. Edward’s has recently pushed faculty to use less paper, relying more on online resources than on paper copies. But if students and faculty cannot access online resources, a lack of paper copies makes things much more difficult. It would be practically impossible to run a class without paper or online resources. In order to prevent future Internet woes, St. Edward’s Digital Infrastructure team continues to work towards network stability. However, the frequent outages of resources like Blackboard and Zimbra continue to exacerbate current technological problems. The Computer Help Desk’s Twitter feed demonstrates the constant state of flux within the computer network. One tweet says online resources are available then the next says resources are unavailable. With students and faculty relying on Wi-Fi and online resources, St. Edward’s IT department should have anticipated problems at the beginning of the semester, and there should be a better chain of communication to let students and staff know about the state of the Internet. The Sept. 5 service outages lasted the entire school day, throwing a wrench in most students’ and professors’ schedules. If the outages had been fixed earlier, the interruption of daily activity would have been less intense. The St. Edward’s community simply cannot function without a reliable system of online resources and network access.

Concealing election results blights SGA

Hilltop Views Staff

September 29, 2009

The vote tallies for both the winning and losing contenders of the St. Edward's University Student Government Association fall election were released to the general public Sept. 18 with one notable exception: The vote count f...

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