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Insufficient aid given to disabled students

Lucia Benavides

October 4, 2009

They say you shouldn't judge until you've walked in somebody else's shoes. It took multiple fractures in my foot, three surgeries to correct those fractures, five months unable to walk and a whole summer's worth of traveling plans ca...

Obama’s plan for healthcare malformed

Christopher Duke

October 2, 2009

  Summer is often a time for reflection, relaxation and rest. While most Americans vacationed, President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats faced a sea of angry constituents, allegations of "death panels" and floods of conc...

Kanye wins criticism, no Moon Man for VMA actions

Leslie Ethridge

October 2, 2009

If you just so happened to be connected to the world for the past week, you know what happened at this year's MTV Video Music Awards. Taylor Swift, in all of her beauty and grace, became the first country artist to ever win a VMA....

Focus on celebrities wasting our minds

Jake Hartwell

September 29, 2009

As children, we were taught that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Apparently this moral principle is rendered moot when celebrities are involved. America is addicted to gossip, and we can see this most...

Concealing election results blights SGA

Hilltop Views Staff

September 29, 2009

The vote tallies for both the winning and losing contenders of the St. Edward's University Student Government Association fall election were released to the general public Sept. 18 with one notable exception: The vote count f...

“Jennifer’s Body” not in conflict with feminism

Andrew Harvey

September 29, 2009

The film "Jennifer's Body" has just about everything a campy horror film needs to succeed: blood and gore, a great soundtrack, satanic sacrifice and the sex-driven star power of Megan Fox.  Anyone who has seen a trailer for this film...

Obama’s foreign policy a plus

Christopher Duke

September 29, 2009

President Barack Obama campaigned on the promise to restore goodwill after years of his predecessor's cowboy diplomacy. Former President Bush arguably placed extreme divisions between America and its European allies—Germany ...

Texting while driving needs nationwide ban

Hilltop Views Staff

September 22, 2009

What cell phones can do today is remarkable. What we essentially carry in our pockets are hand-held computers with high-speed Internet access.And while they can multi-task, you can't—at least not behind the wheel.Why then do so many people ...

Freshman class epitomizes value of St. Edward’s University

Hilltop Views Staff

September 15, 2009

Take a bow, St. Edward's University—you deserve it. The hilltop welcomed 757 incoming freshmen for the class of 2013, making it the largest in St. Edward's 125-year history and 16 students more than last year's total of 741. Des...

Hilltop Views moving from page to screen

Hilltop Views Staff

September 8, 2009

Yes, the future of journalism is uncertain. A field once dominated by print is now moving away from this most tangible medium. The clear leader in the realm of news dissemination is the Internet, which is rapidly replacing both ne...

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