Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance is a success

After President Barack Obama’s bad performance at the first debate, Vice President Joe Biden had a lot of ground to make up at his debate against Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Oct. 11.

Biden brought the fight that Democrats needed.

The debate covered a wide variety of issues, ranging from the economy to foreign affairs to abortion.

Many expected Ryan to be the one to win this debate with his knowledge of facts and figures about the government, but he did not win—Biden won. While Ryan did bring some facts and figures to the debate, many of them were flat-out wrong. Biden knew Ryan’s claims were false, clear from his body language as well as calling Ryan out.

The first question of the night was about the terrorist attack in Libya, to which Ryan was the first to respond. He said that it took the President two weeks to label the attack as terrorist related. Biden would then respond back with, “That’s a bunch of malarkey.” Biden was correct.

During the debate, Biden stated that Romney’s tax plan would not work, citing a study from the Tax Policy Center. Ryan countered Biden by saying that Romney’s tax plan would work, claiming six studies have proven it. These studies actually found that only by reinterpreting many terms would Romney’s plan actually work. Again, Biden was correct.

The question that some voters were hoping for was about abortion. The moderator, ABC News reporter Martha Raddatz, asked how each candidate’s Catholic faith played a role in his views on abortion. Ryan was the first to answer; he took a long a pause and a deep sigh before explaining his position on abortion.

Ryan’s answer to the question was, in a nutshell, that his first daughter looked like a “bean” when he first saw her on a sonogram. He did not go any deeper into the issue.

Biden explained that he respects the Catholic Church’s stance on abortion, but does not want to impose his own faith on Americans. He believes that the decision to get an abortion should only be made by a woman and her partner.

Biden and Ryan, as vice presidential candidates, are extremely important to the election process. Choosing a running mate is the first executive-like decision a presidential candidate makes. It shows how he or she could approach issues, and it shows voters who would become Commander-in-Chief if, God forbid, something happened to the President.

The clear winner of the debate was Vice President Joe Biden. He had a commanding presence and showed that he could also wrangle the facts. Unlike Ryan, Biden is not full of marlarkey.