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Professors provide platform for campus discussion after Trump inauguration

Michael Lockett

January 30, 2017

St. Edward’s University faculty and students gathered over tacos in the Mabee Ballroom Jan. 20, hours after the inauguration of Donald Trump, to discuss how to overcome some of the divisions that led to the contentious presi...

Professor encourages students to vote in upcoming presidential election

Maia Samboy

October 3, 2016

With the 2016 presidential election nearing, many students are deciding which candidate to vote for.Jennifer Jefferson, a visiting assistant professor in university studies and voter registrar, feels strongly about students vot...

Trump, Sanders prove inefficient leaders

Jacob Sanchez

April 1, 2016

One of the worst aspects about this year's presidential election has been the call for a revolution from the far left liberals and to take the country back from far right conservatives.Why do we need a revolution or to take the ...

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson goes unnoticed

October 23, 2012

Election Day is approaching and as voters make their choice, they may have forgotten someone. He is Gary Johnson, ex-governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate for the Libertarian party. Some of you may be thinking third p...

Vice President Joe Biden’s debate performance is a success

October 23, 2012

After President Barack Obama’s bad performance at the first debate, Vice President Joe Biden had a lot of ground to make up at his debate against Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan on Oct. 11. Biden brought the fi...

Every young person’s vote counts in the upcoming election

October 16, 2012

Next month, Americans will vote for the people who will lead the country for the next four years. These people will decide which path America will take for the future. One vote can decide whether the country moves into the future o...

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