Trump, Sanders prove inefficient leaders

One of the worst aspects about this year’s presidential election has been the call for a revolution from the far left liberals and to take the country back from far right conservatives.

Why do we need a revolution or to take the country back to a bygone era? America needs neither. What the country needs is a strong experienced leader to get Washington D.C. working.

I’m tired of people saying that the United States is broken or we’ve gone down the wrong path. No. What’s wrong with the U.S. are the people who are calling for revolutions and making America great again.

Yes, Sen. Bernie Sanders and businessman Donald Trump are exactly what’s wrong with our nation. They don’t see the U.S. as the strong leader of the world. They see the country as going backward and they utilize anger to push this message.

Anger will not unite a country; it will divide a country.

I’ve heard students around St. Edward’s University say that they don’t trust the government and are supporting Sanders to show this. Wait, what?

In their privileged (mostly white) minds they think that supporting the man who will expand the scope of the national government will somehow make them trust the government. That makes no sense.

On the other side, Trump supporters are just angry white people who see this election as a way to make America white — I mean great — again.

What happens with two angry sides? Nothing, because they can’t agree to anything.

What the U.S. needs are strong leaders who can compromise.

This nation was built on compromises. If we turn our backs on that and support two men who only want what they’ve proposed then these United States will no longer be united. They’ll be divided.

So what needs to happen is for Sanders supporters to get in line and support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and for Republicans to get their stuff together and find a real way to stop Trump. If the second thing doesn’t happen, then smart moderate Republicans need to do the only thing to stop Trump — vote for Clinton.

Come four years from now we will be a better and stronger country for rejecting absolutist rhetoric from Trump and Sanders.

We are exceptional. We are already great. We are the United States.