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Employees set to leave following acceptance of retirement offers

Andrea Guzman

December 5, 2017

Employees from nearly every division will accept the retirement transition offers provided earlier this fall. The divisions expect to have fiscal savings “by either not replacing the roles or strategically restructuring in conside...

St. Edward’s mistreats adjuncts, contradicts social justice mission

Staff Writer

January 29, 2016

Every week the editorial board reflects on a current issue in Our View. The position taken does not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Hilltop Views staff. This week the editorial board are Viewpoints editors Erin Downey ...

St. Edward’s adjuncts lack benefits, job security

Jacob Rogers

January 25, 2016

St. Edward’s University students spending most of their time completing courses required in the core curriculum is not news. Fifty-seven of the 120 credit hours required for a degree come from courses in the General Education ...

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