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Trump uses Mexican women as tools for fear mongering

Lauren Sanchez

April 9, 2018

President Donald Trump, while urging for tighter security on the border, claimed that women in an immigrant caravan that is currently headed towards the U.S. are “raped at levels never seen before.” Well, if there’s anyone qualified to make statements like this it’s feminist icon, Donald Trump. Why would he ...

‘Titanic’s’ Jack destined for death: could not have fit on door

Lilli Hime

February 19, 2016

Everyone knows about the infamous scene in “Titanic” when Jack sinks tragically into the freezing waters of the Atlantic. Rose, while sitting idly by, survives safely aboard a door fit for two. Fans have picked the scene to the bo...

BuzzFeed streamlines breaking news, useless info into website


February 20, 2014

Our generation has a new addiction, and it's mostly harmless. It is also very easy to find. It's BuzzFeed.BuzzFeed has quickly become one of the most popular websites across the nation for this generation. BuzzFeed also has tailored th...

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