BuzzFeed streamlines breaking news, useless info into website

Our generation has a new addiction, and it’s mostly harmless. It is also very easy to find. It’s BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed has quickly become one of the most popular websites across the nation for this generation. 

BuzzFeed also has tailored the website for those in the UK, Australia, Brazil andFrance. There is also a Spanish version.

BuzzFeed is organized into specific sections and subsections that cover countless topics. They have news, entertainment, life, video and more as their headline sections.

The website appeals to every type of person: the political junkie; the nerd; the do-it-yourselfer; the secret food fatty; the animal lover; the person who loves to take quizzes; and you get the point.

If that wasn’t enough categorizing for any individual, BuzzFeed labels specific stories with bright yellow circles that read: “LOL, OMG, wtf?, cute, trash, ew, fail, win” and “pics.” Obviously, appealing to this generation’s “lingo.”

BuzzFeed has made their desktop website and mobile apps so navigable that I would consider it to be the Geico of media and reporting websites. 

Even the most technologically-illiterate person could easily navigate through it, or how Geico says it: “It’s so easy, a caveman could do it.”

An added bonus is that the words and pictures are big, so if all you do is go on BuzzFeed, you may be less likely to experience intense eye strains from Computer Vision Syndrome, which can definitely be viewed as a BuzzFeed “WIN.” That is, if you can control your BuzzFeed binges.

The only negative thing I would say is that there is so much going on the desktop website that it becomes overwhelming and overstimulating.

However, that’s probably a positive thing for BuzzFeed. 

You click on one story and you find yourself in sort of an obsessed frenzy; clicking on article after article until you finally look at the clock and hear the narrator of Spongebob in your head saying “ten hours later.”

So then, the question of whether or not BuzzFeed is an indicator of our intelligence is put into play.

BuzzFeed has set up their reporting in a fashion that appeals to the people in this day and age. 

We’ve become technologically advanced and hopefully, for most, savvy. 

Time is of the essence. 

Every minute is utilized in this generation. 

We even crave for more.

Tailoring a media website that reports with more pictures and GIFs than words, but still gets all the vital information across to the reader is, dare I say, brilliant.

How many people do you see picking up the newspaper while sitting down and enjoying a cup of coffee? 

People do not have time to do that anymore. It’s the reality of our world.

If you solely rely on BuzzFeed for gathering knowledge and information, then you may want to question yourself. 

However, BuzzFeed is just a fun and simple way of learning about things in a quicker fashion.

It’s kind of like the Wikipedia and “For Dummies” version of reporting, you get the gist of it and go from there. 

There’s no in-between with BuzzFeed, you either love it or hate it. But, it has built a “global audience” of approximately 100 million, according to the website. So, it has a lot of love.

I think it is safe to say that BuzzFeed has redefined online reporting.