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Campus in right location for Google Fiber, may solve students’ Wi-Fi woes

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November 17, 2014

St. Edward’s University should have no problem getting Google Fiber when it becomes available next year, said Benjamin Hockenhull, director of digital infrastructure at St. Edward’s.Sign-ups for the service begin in December. To sig...

Facebook developing drones to deliver Internet access to world

Staff Writer

April 10, 2014

Imagine life without the Internet. Really think about the way that the Internet has impacted your life. The Internet is much more than scrolling aimlessly through Facebook.The Internet has led to access to more information than ...

BuzzFeed streamlines breaking news, useless info into website


February 20, 2014

Our generation has a new addiction, and it's mostly harmless. It is also very easy to find. It's BuzzFeed.BuzzFeed has quickly become one of the most popular websites across the nation for this generation. BuzzFeed also has tailored th...

Facebook decision proves free speech has unexpected effects

Staff Writer

November 13, 2013

Facebook has been losing its appeal lately. So how will Zuckerberg and Co. respond to their falling numbers?A lovely redesign?Get rid of annoying features that nobody wants?Install that “dislike” button we’ve been clamo...

Norwegian comedic duo pose question of the century

Staff Writer

October 2, 2013

This is the scene: A lovely condo in the woods that is filled with guests milling about in the daylight. As the camera gets closer, it becomes clear this is one of those parties where both weird behavior and strange sexual cong...

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