Norwegian comedic duo pose question of the century

This is the scene: A lovely condo in the woods that is filled with guests milling about in the daylight. As the camera gets closer, it becomes clear this is one of those parties where both weird behavior and strange sexual congress is a given, as every guest is dressed in animal costumes, complete with terrifying makeup, and clenching alcoholic beverages. All the guests, save for two, sing a list of animals and the noises they make over a bumping house beat. Until they get to the fox, who has a noise unheard and unknown to man, so what will they say for it?

That is when the beat drops, and two men in fox costumes scream out insane noises as they dance in a forest surrounded by masked women in business suits, while I check my drink to see if it has been spiked again. Nope, this is real.

Who is responsible for unleashing this nightmarish viral hilarity known as “The Fox?” It turns out to be brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, and from their names, they ought to be killing vampires instead of singing about animal noises. Together, they make up the comedy duo Ylvis, and I do not care what the proper pronunciation is, I am rolling with “yul-vis” like I was trying to say Elvis while having a stroke.

Since the due uploaded the video to YouTube on Sept. 3, the video has been viewed by more than 70 million people as of press time.

It has been referred to in some quarters as the next “Gangnam Style,” and there are some parallels. Like Psy, Ylvis have been well known stars in their homeland for the past decade. Also, “The Fox” was initially created to promote the third season of their late night talk show, with no expectations of it going any farther, just as “Gangnam Style” was only another song on Psy’s record.

Now, thanks to the Internet embracing them, Ylvis have suddenly found themselves being courted by record labels and summoned to American talk shows so they can answer the same question ten thousand times: “What does the fox say?”

I would not bet on “The Fox” reaching the numbers of “Gangnam Style”, but it has served as a great calling card to the rest of the world about these two talented siblings.

With a little bit of luck, Ylvis may soon jump to an American late night post, because even they can out-funny Jay Leno.