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Fantasy continues to beat reality in talks about gun control

Anthony Wolf

October 16, 2015

When St. Edward’s University Police Department sent out a response e-mail regarding the “anonymous threat,” they were responding to the 4chan post that copied the anonymous threat suspected to be connected to the recent O...

Firearms on campus would fail to address root of problems


March 2, 2015

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of legislation circulating about allowing gun permit owners to carry firearms on to colleges and universities. State legislators have filed over 10 bills surrounding the various facets of open carry a...

Stand-your-ground laws need reforming, no NRA interference

Viewpoints Editor

March 24, 2014

Each week, we explore both sides of a current issue through opposing Viewpoints. The alternate editorial for this week's Face Off can be found here: "Some self-defense laws need to be repealed across states"Some of the most cont...

Public forgets mass shootings, reports become commonplace

Staff Writer

November 13, 2013

Typing in “mass shootings in 2013” in Google yields various lists of how many shootings there have been over the past years.CNN talks about the 25 deadliest mass shootings in the U.S. from 1965 to present.Huffington Post l...

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