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Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson goes unnoticed

October 23, 2012

Election Day is approaching and as voters make their choice, they may have forgotten someone. He is Gary Johnson, ex-governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate for the Libertarian party. Some of you may be thinking third p...

Homophobia is not the norm in Austin

October 16, 2012

Although Austin has announced its support of same-sex marriage, there are still incidents of homophobia-fueled crime in the city. Andrew Oppelman and Nick Soret were attacked downtown during Austin’s Pride Weekend on Sept. 2...

Every young person’s vote counts in the upcoming election

October 16, 2012

Next month, Americans will vote for the people who will lead the country for the next four years. These people will decide which path America will take for the future. One vote can decide whether the country moves into the future o...

Barack Obama’s policies favor students

October 9, 2012

The upcoming presidential election is important this year, especially for college students. College students have a lot to gain or lose whenever the next session of Congress begins because lawmakers will be trying to balance t...

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