Confessions will only impress fans

What’s better than soft elegant piano and the sweet sound of Liza Minnelli’s voice singing American classics like “If I had you” and “Close your eyes”? Personally I can think of thousands of different things more pleasant than Minnelli’s most recent album “Confessions” but if you’re one of the 10 or 15 people that reads Hilltop Views and loves Liza Minnelli then this might be the perfect album for you.

“Confessions” features the legendary Minnelli singing 14 classic songs backed up only by famous pianist and long time collaborator Billy Strich playing softly in the background. At the most basic level the album is great. Everything song has a slightly different sound to it and all of them sound fantastic. Unfortunately that’s all there is to “Confessions,” it is a simple album that is just too predictable.

The album is around 45 minutes and at any point during that time you could easily imagine the music being performed to be on any one of Minnelli’s other 12 studio albums, nine live albums or 14 compilation albums.

The woman has been active in the entertainment industry for 60 years and her sound hasn’t grown or changed. I’m not asking for a T-Pain collaboration or anything of that nature, but it would be refreshing to hear Minnelli try something a little bit outside of her boundaries.

Again, by no means is this a terrible album. It delivers in all the ways you would want and expect it to. Minnelli has one of the most beautiful voices in the entire music industry and every song on “Confessions” proves that Minnelli can sing well.

Listening to the album can be especially fun for fans of the canceled Fox comedy “Arrested Development.” All you have to do is close your eyes and listen to any of the songs and imagine Minnelli’s character serenading the one-handed Buster Bluth.

Listeners will either love “Confessions” or almost instantly want to turn it off or fall asleep. The album is made for fans of classic Minnelli and to those fans this album will scratch your constant itch for more Minnelli, but for the rest of the world “Confessions” is bound to just seem boring.